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Business Highlights: Imaginary Friends Studios

In the weekly Business Highlights series we present you one inspiring company from one Asian country. We select companies based on their uniqueness, creativity and commercial success.

This week’s feature is… Singapore!

Imaginary Friends Studios: creative agency with a global reach


The co-founders of Imaginary Friends Studios:  Kai Lim, Stanley Lau and Kendrick Lim

IFS is a young generation company that has achieved international success by combining passion, art, aesthetics and a modern approach to business.

Headquartered in Singapore since 2005, IFS have customers from all around the world, including USA, Japan, Asia and Europe.

What is unique about Imaginary Friends is that they are a small team of talented artists but have the reach of a global corporation.

The secret of their success is unique style, which is something in between eastern Manga, western comic books and contemporary illustration.


Illustration by Stanley Lau, co-founder and Creative Director at IFS

Customers from Japan contact IFS whenever they need something with Western flavour, whereas customers from Europe and US are attracted by great talent and inimitable style, as well as elements of Eastern culture present in their work.

Since inception, IFS have the honor to service many premium clients on major entertainment and game projects such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Top Cow, Hasbro, Sideshow Collectibles, Capcom, SquareEnix, Ubisoft, Sony Online Entertainment, Valve & Riot Games.

Apart from design and illustration Imaginary Friends also publish their own art albums and offer professional courses in digital art in collaboration with the top software companies.


If you are interested in learning more about Imaginary Friends, here is an interesting interview with the founding members.

Author: Alex Kazanski


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